Returning Advance Program Students


• All Advanced Degree (AD) students are to forward to the Registrar’s Office, by 31 July, the “Declaration of Full-Time/Part-Time Status” form available under the “Forms” section.

• When you have no other academic activity during the session, or when you reach the research/thesis stage, you should enrol in an academic activity in SWS(ACORN), either to maintain registration, or to reflect the research/thesis work that you are engaged in. Check with the Registrar for the appropriate academic activity code that applies to you at that time, have it approved by the AD Director by using the Academic Activities Approval Form - see "Enrolment (via Administration)". Keep the approved form for record. Check your SWS(ACORN) record in a week's time to verify enrolment.


  • Thesis Submission Information

    Information of submission of Electronic Thesis
    It is optional for students to forward a hard copy of thesis to the Registrar's Office. Theses will be kept by the Regis College Library. The binding of the thesis should be hard cover, preferably buckram, with Gold lettering. The thesis title, author, and year of convocation (the year that the degree will be conferred upon the student) should appear on the front cover. The author's name and year of convocation should appear on the spine (end of text no lower than two inches from the bottom.)