Returning Basic Degree Students

If you have taken all required courses for the program but have not completed your course work; or you are still working on the closure paper for your program which you have enrolled in previous session (e.g. RGT3790YY Master of Theological Studies Synthesis Paper), you are required to enrol in TSZ3333HF (for September session) or TSZ3333HS (for January session) and pay a continuation of program fee equal to one course credit.

In addition to tuition and incidental fees, students in the MDiv Program are advised to budget about $360 to $400 for ten to twelve sessions in spiritual direction for each year of their program. MDiv students can consult the Director of Theological Field Education for advice on the selection of a spiritual director.

Students in IFM/STM or STM Programs are required to complete three advanced level courses, and therefore will be invoiced an adjustment fee directly by the College, which is the difference between advanced level and basic level fees for the three courses. This adjustment is not a new fee. Basic Degree students taking advanced (6000) level, or 5000 level courses with special permission are required to pay the adjustment fee.