All Returning Students

All students will prepare for the new academic year with the following:

• Verify and update your personal information on SWS(ACORN) by 31 August. Inform the Registar if you change your address/phone.
 Go to: – Personal Information

Contact your Program Director and obtain approval - see Academic Activities Approval

Encol in courses: Go to:

• Check the Blackboard website to see if the instructor is using Blackboard as support, and for preparation before coming to classes.
Go to:

• Keep the approved Academic Activities Approval form in your academic profile for record.

Pay fees - see invoice at: – Financial Accounting (see Method of Payment)


• Registration in a program is only valid upon receipt of fees by the University.
Note that the last day to withdraw is not the last day for refund.

If a student does not register for at least one academic activity in a session, he/she will not be regarded as having student status during the session, and will not be able to access the library system and/or other University services.

Incoming students who do not show up, or withdraw from all academic activities during the session that they were accepted; or, current students who withdraw from a program may need to re-apply in the future if they wish to attend the College again.

• Unless owing to health issues, leave of absence is not recommended. Students who cannot register for the next session should complete the Leave of Absence form and forward it to the Program Director for approval two months prior to beginning of the session. The duration of leave of absence granted is not counted to the students’ time limit to complete the program. Normally, a maximum of up to one calendar year of parental, health, or compassionate leave may be granted by the College to students during the course of his/her program.

• Students wishing to transfer from their current program to another program of the College are required to follow the normal application procedures required by the new program. Transfer of credits, program residency and outstanding program requirements will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the appropriate Admission Committee(s).