• Please read carefully all information at http://regiscollege.ca/prospective/fees
• Please note that the last day to withdraw is not the last day for refund.
• Pay your fees as soon as possible. University of Toronto will set FINCA (financial cancellation) dates each session. On those dates, SWS(ACORN) will automatically cancel all course enrolment and student registration of those students whose account is showing as no payment.
• Financial transactions usually needs at least five business days for the payment to be processed from the bank to your University student account. Always count back at least five business dates before FINCA dates to be your last payment date.
• Students who registered late, or being FINCA will need to come in person to the Registrar’s Office immediately with an official proof of payment and request for re-registration by filling in a request form for late and/or re-registration. Students will be charged $25 for such application.
• Service charge to any unpaid balance will incur monthly until you have paid in full.
• Payments made are applied first to any outstanding balances. So make sure that you pay enough to cover the full outstanding payment from a previous session as well as the minimum for the current session.
• Outstanding payments by the end of April may cause your continuous registration or request of transcript being blocked. Students who have outstanding payments may eventually have their names forwarded to a collection agency by the University.
• You may ask to defer fees by completing a request form (available in the Finance Office) if you are receiving a major government loan/award, or Regis College financial support, e.g. OSAP, OGS< Regis bursary.  However, please note the Student Account Information (http://www.fees.utoronto.ca/) as there may be service charges even if you have a fees deferral after a stipulated date set for each year.