Add/Drop Courses in SWS(ACORN)

• Consult your Program Director. Complete and keep the Academic Activities Approval form with the change(s)
• Access SWS(ACORN) (
• Check that the academic program is correct
• Click on “Manage Courses” to add or drop
• Enter the course codes (remember to separate the last digit into the second box)
• Click on “add” or “delete”.  A confirmation box with details will appear above “Manage Courses”
• Click on “List Courses” to verify that you have properly enrolled in the courses.
• Click on “Financial Accounting” and print your invoice.  Pay as soon as possible as it normally will take 5 to 7 working days to complete the transaction.
• Remember to Logout upon completion of tasks
• Keep the approved Academic Activities Approval form in your profile
• Go to “Blackboard” to check if course material is posted prior to coming for classes

Registration as a student depends on at least having one academic activity (= one course). If you have enrolled in only one course, and wish to change it to another, it is always better to add your course first before deleting the one already in the system, so to avoid cancellation of your registration inadvertently.

Note the last day to add/drop dates in the Due Dates.  You will not be able to perform any of these functions in SWS(ACORN) after the specific dates.  Late registration is not automatic and requires extra cost.

Note also that the last day to withdraw is not the last day of full refund.