Enrol Courses in ROSI

• See Regis timetable under “Courses”.

• Contact your Program Director for completion of Academic Activities Approval form. 

• Enrolment in September session (September - December) and the following January session (January - April) courses normally opens on August 1 every year. Enrolment in Summer (May – August) session courses normally opens on April 1.

• Access ROSI/ACORN (with you student number and PIN) www.rosi.utoronto.ca or www.acorn.utoronto.ca
• Choose the correct program in your record  which your course(s) will apply
• Click on “Course Enrolment”
• Select a session (usually the default is the current session)
• Enter the course codes, one at a time.  Use the exact course codes as indicated on the Regis timetables, or as in TST Course Listing website.  For example:

Enter "RGT0000H" in the first box, then enter "F" in the second smaller box

Enter "RGT0000H" in the first box, then enter "S" in the second smaller box

Follow the screen to add the meeting section. Unless otherwise indicated on the timetables, the meeting section for courses is usually LEC0101. Click on “submit” to confirm enrolment
• Continue until you finish enrolling in all the courses

• Click on “List Courses” to verify that you have properly enrolled in the courses.

• Click on “Financial Accounting”, view and print your invoice.  Pay as soon as possible as it normally will take 5 to 7 working days to complete the transaction

• Remember to Logout upon completion of tasks

• Go to “Blackboard” to check if course material is posted prior to coming for classes

Some courses may allow Waitlist.  If you request it. ROSI will automatically put your request in sequence with others who asked for being waitlisted.  Check ROSI regularly to see if you have been allowed into the course.  Note that you will be responsible for all additional fees assessed once ROSI has moved your request into an activity.  Remove any waitlist request if you do not need the course.

Students are advised to budget about $360.00 to $400.00 for ten to twelve sessions in spiritual direction during the core year of the program when they enroll in the Integration for Ministry Seminars (RGP3/6687HF and RGP3/6688HS). The actual costs are negotiated directly with the spiritual director and may vary. Given the formative spirit of the Program, students may wish to consider continuing in spiritual direction beyond the core year.