Michael Kolarcik Writes from Rome

Michael Kolarcik writes home from Rome, where he is on sabbtical for the spring semester:

One of the highlights for me in this sabbatical period was to listen to Pope Francis address the Gregorian Consortium, April 10, 2014 in the Aula Paolo VI, to some 5,000 faculty, students, and co-workers of the Gregorian University, the Biblical and Oriental Institutes. The Holy See has missioned these pontifical educational centres to the Society of Jesus. And of course this is the first time in our history that the Pope addresses his special educational missions in Rome as a Jesuit. And he did this in a unique fashion. Basically there were three values he championed, which I believe could have been addressed to Regis College as well. 1) Do your Theology from the periphery to the centre and return back to the peripheries of your cultures. 2) In all your studies and theories keep an open mind and never close up your world view into a self-sufficient, inward looking viewpoint. And 3) always do your thinking and work out your theories on your knees, in prayer. I think it's worth my while to always keep these three values at play in my life.