Regis Professor to Lead Annual Day of Quiet Reflection at the Washington National Cathedral

Regis Professor Michael Stoeber will lead the 2012 Annual Day of Quiet Reflection for the Evelyn Underhill Society at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., on June 15-16.

The retreat will explore Underhill's inter-faith conversations, especially her reflections on the poetry of the great Sufi mystic Kabir and on the life of the co-founder of the Hindu Brahmo Samaj, Devandranath Tagore and Underhill's own experiences and poetry related to inter-faith dialogue.

In the fall of 2011, Professor Stoeber taught a graduate seminar on Underhill's writings, which was available to doctoral students around the world through a web simulcast.

Regis College is the Jesuit School of Theology at the University of Toronto.