Regis College Statistics Jump

The numbers tell only part of the story, but key 2010-2011 indicators point toward some of the many good things happening at Regis College.

The January 2011 session was attended by 223 students - an all time record for Regis College.
Fifteen new students have been accepted for the upcoming summer 2011 session, another record and a dramatic increase from the five year average of 8.2 students.
The 2010-2011 full-time equivalent student count (FTE) grew year over year from 152.00 to 169.05, which is an 11.22% increase.
The 2010-2011 basic income units count (BIUs, which reflects the relative weighting of programs) grew year over year from 163.95 to 177.65, which is an 8.36% increase. The five year rolling average for the BIU count grew from 131.67 to 146.54, which is an 11.29% increase.
The Regis College Library enjoyed 3,364 patron visits in March.
The Regis College website received 54,656 visits, which is a 14.63% increase over last year. The average number of pages visted drop from 3.75 to 3.16 but the average length of a visit increased from 2:59 to 3:08, two trends which combine to reflect the impact of improvements to the content and navigation in the site. Inquiries directed to the college registrar through the website increased 8.44% from 557 to 604.
No wonder Regis College has seemed busy during this past academic year.
Thank you to students, staff and faculty for all their contributions, which are reflected in many different ways and go far beyond the numbers!