Regis Hosts Blair - Hitchens Munk Debate Direct Feed

Forty-one people assembled at Regis College on Friday, November 26 to watch a direct feed of the debate between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens. Although Blair and Hitchens split the votes of those arriving undecided at Roy Thompson Hall, the live debate venue, with the con position capturing 68% of the final outcome, 92.5% of the audience at the Regis College venue supported the pro position.

As the final tally was being tabulated during the post-debate reception Regis Dean Gordon Rixon, S.J. remarked that the evening had been thought provoking and highlighted in many ways the need for ongoing theological education. He thanked the participants for their attendence and observed that Regis College offers courses addressing interpretation of Scripture, the relation of faith and reason and the grounding of action for justice in "non-instrumentalized" religious faith.

For further information about entry level theological education, please inquire about the Windows on Theology Continuous Learning Series and the Test Drive Program or contact

Outcome of the Munk Debate at Regis College

Resolved: Religion is a Force for Good in the World

Pro 92.5%     Con 5.0%    Undecided 2.5%