Regis College Community Fee Referendum

The Referendum is closed for Voting

Dear Students of Regis College:
As you are well aware, Regis College is on the move to a new home in August of 2009. During this exciting time of change and transition, we as students have been kept informed of the plans as they have unfolded, and have been given ample opportunities to give input into the design and layout of our new home. It has been through these very experiences of dialogue and discussion that we have been empowered to truly make the new Regis location our home, our community.
In the spirit of mutuality, respect and dialogue, the administration of Regis College has approached us, your Student Council representatives, to consider offering a concrete financial contribution to the ongoing development of the new home for Regis College. Considering this request in a spirit of prayer, dialogue and reflection we agreed, (given the facts that our existing student fees at Regis are on the low end of the scale, and that there have been no increases in a number of years), that we would prepare and bring to you, the student body, what we have named as a Regis College Community Fee.
One of the strengths that we have here at Regis College is our spirit of community, which serves to enrich and enhance our sense of belonging. This spirit of community is indeed a gift that goes hand in hand with the wonderful experiences and opportunities for education that we receive in this great institution. However, we, as students, have a direct role to play in ensuring that the quality of our community life here at Regis continues to flourish both now and for future students of Regis. With this in mind, we your Student Council recommend the following fee structure for your consideration:
That all students registered at Regis College, regardless of their status or programme, contribute to a Regis College Community Fee to be stepped as follows over three years:
2009-2010 - $15.00
2010-2011 - $20.00
2011-2012 - $25.00
This schedule of contributions is made with the agreement that it will be reviewed in three years time by the Student Council. Should the Student Council not take action, a levy of $25.00 would continue for an additional two years after which time the funding agreement would expire. This agreement would be subject to review by Student Council at any time.
The decision to accept or reject the proposed Regis College Community Fee is in our hands as students. In order to get your direct feedback on this proposal, we will be holding a referendum on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. At this time, through a confidential online programme, you will receive an e-mail in which you will be invited to simply answer yes or no to the proposal. The results of the vote will be made public thereafter.
We have been invited further into the discussion about, and the planning of, our new home. This is our opportunity to make a concrete difference by contributing to the Regis College Community. Let each one of us make the commitment to take the time to voice our opinions and exercise our vote.
United in Spirit,
Michael L. Knox, S.J.
Maureen Baldwin, CND
Kelly Bourke
Tony Lai
John Meehan, S.J.
Natalie Zinko
Members of the Regis Student Council