Lupina Scholarships in Spirituality, Healthcare and Ethics

Regis College is pleased to announce the establishment of the Lupina Scholarships in Spirituality, Healthcare and Ethics. The Lupina Scholarships, available to students admitted to the Doctor of Theology program are valued at $10,000 each, are consistent with the goals of the Lupina Foundation. According to Peter Warrian PhD, Director of the Lupina Foundation, “we are concerned with the social determinants of health (SDOH) that is, the set of institutional, social, economic and cultural factors that impact health and access to health services. A large body of research has established that health outcomes are a function of a socioeconomic gradient. We have a particular interest in how this may affect women. Because of our increasingly globalized world and the fact that health risks and disease are no respecters of borders, we are concerned with comparative research and innovative practices that can contribute to improvements in well-being.” Successful applicants are restricted to Canadian citizens and permanent residents resident in Ontario for at least one year. Applicants may reapply for continuing support for up to three additional years.