Regis College Fall Classes Begin with New Timetable Options

Mon, 2012-09-10 11:00 - Fri, 2012-09-14 13:10

Regis College 2012 fall classes will begin in the week of September 10th. This year 23 courses will be offered. A special effort has been made to offer courses in the late afternoon, evenings and on weekends to accommodate the needs of part-time students. For more information on Regis College courses and those offered by other schools within the Toronto School of Theology, see or contact


11:00am Scott Lewis, S.J. - RGB5681HF Issues on Johannine Scholarship

11:00am John Dadosky - RGT6/3728HF Philosophy and Theology of Beauty

16:30pm Maureen McDonnell - RGP6/3661HY Practicum in Spiritual Direction

16:30pm Michael Stoeber RGT6/3745HF Issues in the Philosophy of Religion and the Brothers Karamazov


09:00am Gilles Mongeau, S.J. - RGT6/3551HF Aquinas: Summa Contra Gentiles

11:00am Michael Kolarcik, S.J. - RGB2210HF The Call to Prophecy

14:00pm Margaret Lavin - RGT3115HF Vatican II: The Theology and Historical Context of the Documents

14:00pm John Berkman - RGT5975HF Thomistic Moral Theologies

14:00pm Mary Rowell, C.S.J. - RGT1905HF Ethical Reflections on Pastoral Practice

16:30pm Maureen McDonnell / Michael Stoeber - RGP6/3687HF Integration for Ministry I

19:00pm Gordon Rixon, S.J. - RGT1101HF Foundations of Theology


09:00am Gill Goulding, C.J. - RGT5239HF Kenosis

09:00am Scott Lewis, S.J. - RGB1501HF Am Introduction to the New Testament

09:00am Michael Kolarcik, S.J. - RGB6/3279HF The Wisdom Tradition and the Book of Job

11:00am Gille Goulding, C.J. - RGT6/3581 Hans Urs von Balthasar

11:00am Jack Costello, S.J. - Windows on Theology (non-credit) - Caring for the World (starts September 19)

13:30pm Weekly College Eucharist in St Joseph Chapel


09:00am Michael Stoeber - RGP6/3207HF Spirituality and Suffering

11:00am Ovey Mohammed, S.J. - Christianity and World Religions

14:00pm John Dadosky - RGT5223HF Lonergan's Trinity

16:30pm Joseph Schner - RGP6/3550HF Psychlogy and Religion

16:30pm Mary Jo Leddy - RGT6/3840HF Political Discernment


13:00pm Gilles Mongeau, S.J. - RGP1621HY Foundationals Approaches to Contemporary Pastoral Praxis (meets alternate weeks Sep to Mar)


10:00am Maureen McDonnell - RGP6/3268HY Supervision in Spiritual Direction Ministry Theory and Practice (meets monthly Sep 29, Nov 3, Dec 8, Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 9)