Ontario Premier of La Sawndr akwa Mawtoowin – The Green Lake Story

Wed, 2011-04-20 18:30 - 21:30

The film will be introduced at 6:30 pm and screened at 6:45 pm. A panel discussion including the director and co-producers will follow the screening.The evening will conclude with a reception.

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About the Film

With oral histories from elders, descendants of the Green Lake families, experts, and archival interviews, the film explores the story of a group of Metis families living near Lestock, Saskatchewan in the summer of 1949.

Though descended from both European-Canadian and First Nations, the Métis were rejected by both groups. Pushed aside by white settlers, but without the Native reserve lands established by the Canadian government, many Métis were destitute and living on thin strips of Crown land reserved for roads, called road allowances.

Promised bountiful land, jobs, and social assistance by government agents, they move to an experimental co-operative farm in the northern settlement of Green Lake. After leaving homes, possessions, and a life in Lestock behind them forever, these families travelled over 500 kilometres in the hopes of a better future; what they found in Green Lake caused them to leave in a matter of months.

The film was co-produced by Ruth Robillard and Regis College student Matthew Livingstone, S.J. and directed by Jenny Brown. Regina based organizations Friends on the Outside and Campion College are the co-producers. More information can be found at the Metis Film Corporation website.

The screening and reception are sponsored through the benefaction of Mundiregina Resources.

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