AD/Faculty Seminar - Paul Advances the Gospel

Wed, 2008-09-24 20:00 - 22:00

On Wednesday September 24, 2008, Regis Professor Joseph Plevnik, S.J. will present an AD/Faculty seminar paper entitled Paul Advances the Gospel. Professor Scott Lewis, S.J. will act as a respondent. The name of the student respondent is to be announced.

The seminar will be conducted in the Margaret Brennan Classroom at 3:00 pm. The AD/Faculty Seminars offer an opportunity for advanced degree students to engage with one another and faculty in a discussion on an apsect of their work. A faculty member or a student prepares a paper which is available from the reception one week before the seminar. On the day, the presenter speaks to the paper for approximately 20 minutes. This is followed by two 10 minute responses: one from an AD student and one from a faculty member. Following these responses, there is a general discussion. The seminar concludes with light refreshments. All advanced degree students and faculty are invited to these seminars.