In the Valley of Elah - The Life Movie Series

Thu, 2008-10-30 00:00 - 02:00

The Burial

In the films we have chosen this Fall we will look at aspects of that passion as it manifests itself in the lives of people just like us and in situations that are part of our lived reality today. In them we encounter the forces of good that work towards life and the forces inimical to our human worth that seek to diminish or destroy us. In that encounter we see ourselves and the ways in which we can or do behave. It raises the question we are called to ask of ourselves: how am I in my spiritual journey when I encounter people or situations or elements in myself that seek destruction rather than life?

Through these films we get glimpses of how people behave in the very human situations in which Christ found himself. It is our hope that as you enter these films, attentively and spiritually, you discover in yourself areas that celebrate life and areas that cry out for life. We hope that you can acknowledge the celebrations with gratitude and offer up the pain in your life to resurrection, which is the compassionate mercy of the Divine Love offered to all.