Standard of Loyalty

In scholarship we discover God's faithfulness to us in all things; because God is faithful to us, we are empowered to be faithful to God and to others. Loyalty, then, is a desire to live out a life oriented to God's greater service and praise.

Loyalty in Alpha Sigma Nu means loyalty to the Ignatian educational vision, the formation of the whole person.

  • This certainly involves an intellectual appreciation of Jesuit
    ideals of higher education;
  • but it goes further, speaking of a lived commitment to these ideals on
  • all levels - intellectual, moral, social and religious.

To be loyal to these ideals means developing a sense of conscience,
responsible to the truth - truth spoken in love and lived in a faith that does justice.

This may involve embracing unpopular positions, either occasionally or in an ongoing counter-cultural witness. It will always mean a prophetic commitment to a way of living that reflects the integrity of our relatedness to God and one another. It includes an abiding effort to advance the common good and the well-being of all people, especially the most powerless.