Alpha Sigma Nu Chapter

Alpha Sigma Nu

Alpha Sigma Nu, short for Adelphote Skolastikon Nikephoron or "Company of Honour Students", was founded in 1915 at Marquette University and has since expanded to other Jesuit institutions of higher learning. This "companionship" celebrates the Ignatian values of scholarship, loyalty and service. Just what do these values mean, and why celebrate them in a Jesuit school?

Scholarship, in the Ignatian context, is that faith seeking understanding whereby one humbly apprentices oneself to the knowledge and wisdom that discovers God in all things through a paradigm of experience, reflection and action.

Loyalty is the prophetic commitment that flows from this encounter with God, and which leads to transformation on the intellectual, moral, social and religious levels; it is often articulated in a growing fidelity to the practice of Ignatian discernment in a life oriented to God's greater service and praise.

Regis students usually have quite a record of service in the Church and the community; in the context of ASN, service is particularly the "learned ministry" which characterizes Ignatian apostolic endeavours.

The Regis College Chapter was inaugurated in October 25, 2000, and has sought to celebrate these values by promoting student conversation in the "Ecclesia in…" lunches, as well as trying to find a way to respond to the call of student council to devise a forum for student exchange; this last project is ongoing. The Alpha Sigma Nu International Office also offers an entrance scholarship, open to all incoming Regis students and administered by the Dean.

Eligibility for membership

Any Regis College student who ranks in the top 15% of his or her academic program, as determined by the Grade Point Average (GPA), will be considered for membership. The Faculty Advisor of the Regis Alpha Sigma Nu Chapter prepares the list of eligible students in each academic program, and the respective program directors (along with the Dean of Students), based on their experience of the eligible candidates, propose one or two people who embody the Ignatian values of scholarship, loyalty and service as they are lived at Regis College. This selection is approved by the academic Dean.

Nominees are then contacted and invited to let their names stand for induction; if they agree to this, they submit a short curriculum vitae, along with references and a short essay reflecting on how the values of scholarship, loyalty and service have affected them during their time at Regis College. The Chapter also inducts honorary members, academics and professionals in their field, who display in an outstanding manner the Ignatian values celebrated by Alpha Sigma Nu.

Faculty/Administration Members

John Dadosky
Cathleen Flynn, CSJ
Ronald Mercier, S.J.
Ovey Mohammed, S.J.
Gilles Mongeau, S.J. (Faculty Advisor)
Joseph Plevnik, S.J.
Gordon Rixon, S.J.
Joseph Schner, S.J.

Executive 2007-2008

President: Charles Falzon
Vice-President: Kathy Perry 
Secretary: Caroline Murray