English Language Competency

All candidates should be fluent enough in English to participate actively in seminars and to write essays and examinations. Applicants therefore may be required to pass TOEFL (Test of English as a Second Language) and TWE (Test of Written English) examinations to demonstrate English language ability. Applicants should submit English facility test scores at the time of application. Test scores within two years are acceptable.

For further information on the TOEFL and TWE see: www.toefl.org. The TOEFL institutional code used by Regis College is the same as that used by the University of Toronto: 0982.

Minimum score:
Paper-Based:          Overall 580;  TWE 5.0
Computer-Based:    Overall 237;  TWE 5.0
Internet-Based:      Overall 93;  Writing 22;  Speaking 22

Information for graduate programs is also available at the Toronto School of Theology website


Please Note: The minimum requirements for the TOEFL do not provide assurance of the ability to undertake theological studies at Regis College. The College reserves the right, therefore, to interview applicants whose native language is not English. If it is determined that their English-language skills require strengthening, intensive English-language instruction will be required as part of the first year of their full-time study.