Application Packages for Programs

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Please refer to "Our Programs" for detailed information on programs we offer.

Application Deadlines for Basic Degree Programs

For September admission, apply by July 15 (International students are recommended to apply by January 15)
For January admission, apply by November 15
For Summer admission, apply by March 15

All application documents must reach Regis College by the above due dates. Late applications will only be considered if space allows. Overseas applicants are advised to apply early to allow time for study permits and residence. Received supporting documents become the property of Regis College and cannot be returned or forwarded. For September admissions, those who wish to have advance notice of funding, wish to enroll in a summer course, or wish an early response from the College should apply by March 15.  No applications for the September term will be accepted after August 15. No applications for the January term will be accepted after December 1.

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Basic Degree Programs

Advanced Degree Programs

Details of Advanced Degree Programs are available at the Toronto School of Theology (TST) Website

Ecclesiastical Programs

Regis College is the Jesuit School of Theology at the University of Toronto and a Founding Member of the Toronto School of Theology.