Prospective Students

Regis College brings the 500-year tradition of Jesuit education to the heart of the University of Toronto, one of the leading universities in Canada and the world. We are located at a global epicenter of pure research, applied technology, trans-national business, intergovernmental politics and cultural expression. Our programs prepare women and men, Jesuits and other religious, Canadian and international students for service as chaplains, professors, educators, parish assistants, spiritual guides, youth ministers, pastors, program coordinators, and justice advocates. Some students wish to enrich their established professional lives with the broad perspective of a theological education. Others seek a period of personal renewal after years of service, at a moment of career transition, or as they enter retirement. Our students are venturing on new pathways - come join us today.

Regis College is the Jesuit School of Theology at the University of Toronto and a Founding Member of the Toronto School of Theology.

Members of the public interested in theological education are invited to attend an open house in October and March each year.