D.S.D. Program Outline & Requirements

Interested applicants are recommended to apply for the Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality Program (Ministry of Spiritual Direction Stream).

The academic courses are integrated through a four-phase practicum in the ministry of spiritual direction.

Twelve course units of study are ordinarily completed over a two-year period. Nine courses are required; three are electives. 

The practicum requirements include: ongoing personal spiritual direction; the initial Practicum in Spiritual Direction (RGP3661H); completion of an eight-day directed retreat; Retreat in Everyday Life (RGP3248Y, summer session). Each course includes the practice of spiritual direction with supervision. The final two phases of the practicum (RGP3269H) include an eight-month practice of spiritual direction with supervision, a 20 page integrative theological reflection paper and a pastoral competency interview. See below for specific requirements.

All students are required to maintain an electronic portfolio that documents their progress through their programs.


(concurrent with a Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality Program student)

Pastoral Study: 5 Units

  • RGP3281H Religious Experience in the World's Religions (Effective September 2009)
  • RGP3687H Integration for Ministry I: Practicum & Seminar
  • RGP3688H Integration for Ministry II: Practicum & Seminar
  • RGP3214H Spirituality and Culture
  • Pastoral Elective: This elective is usually related to spiritual direction and discernment

Moral Theology: 1 Unit

  • RGT1905H Ethical Reflection on Pastoral Practice

Electives: 2 Units

  • Students select two electives which are related to scripture, spirituality, history, prayer, human growth and development, or psychotherapy and spiritual direction.

Supervised Pastoral Component:
4 Units including Praxis

  • Phase I: RGP3/6661H - Introductory Practicum in Spiritual Direction.
  • Phase II: RGP3/6248Y - Summer session. Retreat in Everyday Life.
  • RGP3/6269H - Supervised Practice and Appropropriation of the Ministry of Spiritual Direction.
    This encompasses the learning processes in Phase III and Phase IV below.
    -  Phase III: Eight-month practice of spiritual direction under supervision. 
    -  Phase IV: A final, integrative theological reflection paper and a pastoral competency interview.


Diploma in Spiritual Direction (D.S.D.)