Diploma in Spiritual Direction (D.S.D.)


The Diploma in Spiritual Direction is for women and men interested in pursuing the ministry of spiritual direction. The program is designed for those first discerning a potential involvement in this ministry as well as experienced spiritual directors who seek ongoing professional development. The program combines courses in theological studies with a transformative method of preparation for minstry. Candidates are expected to have considerable life experience and high level of maturity. Candidates bring a capacity for genuine self-awareness to a process of supervision. The Diploma is usually completed concurrently with another program, yet is open to students with previous theological and pastoral education. Students may be required to take additional courses as part of their preparation for this ministry. This diploma may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis.


  • The program assists women and men to discern their capacity for the ministry of spiritual direction.
  • Offers opportunities for ongoing professional development.
  • Integrates theological reflection with the practice of spiritual direction.