Dovetailing a Diploma Program

It is possible to dovetail the Master of Divinity program with one of the diploma programs, for instance, the Diploma in Spiritual Direction.

Interested students should speak with the program director.


Students enrolled in both the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Diploma in Spiritual Direction (DSD) Programs who complete successfully the DSD Praxis component (RGP3661H Practicum in Spiritual Direction; RGP3248Y Retreat in Everyday Life; and RGP3269H Supervised Practice and Appropriation of the Ministry of Spiritual Direction) may apply these four credits to fulfill RGF3010Y Theological Field Education placement within the MDiv Progam.  If this application is made, none of the four DSD Praxis credits may be applied to any other program requirement within the MDiv.  The combined completion of the MDiv and DSD normally will require no fewer than 32 credits.