M.Div. Program Outline & Requirements


The Master of Divinity is a three-year, thirty-credit program. A year (two consecutive sessions) residency must be completed as a full time student.

All students are required to maintain an electronic portfolio that documents their progress through their programs.


Please note that courses forming the Ignatian Core are listed in bold italics.

Biblical: 6 Units

  • Introduction to Old Testament
  • Two Old Testament Electives
  • Introduction to New Testament: RGB1501H
  • Two New Testament Electives

Historical: 4 Units

  • Introduction: Early Church History
  • Three Electives: Usually including courses in Medieval Church History, the Reformation and Vatican II.

Theological: 7 Units

  • RGT1101H Foundations of Theology
  • Six Electives: Electives normally cover the following basic areas of systematic theology for which the student is responsible in the MDiv Comprehensive Examination: the nature of theology; revelation and faith; God one and triune; Christology; creation and eschatology; sin and grace; ecclesiology and sacramental theology. Systematic theology courses are usually taken in the Catholic tradition.

Moral Theology: 3 Units

  • RGT1905H Ethical Reflections on Pastoral Practice
  • Two Electives: Students proceeding to ordination may be required to fulfil further specific requirements in this area. Moral theology courses are normally followed in the Catholic tradition.

Pastoral: 3 Units

  • RGP1621H Introduction to Ministry
  • Two Electives: Electives normally include a course in Canon Law for pastoral ministry. Students proceeding to ordination may be required to fulfil further specific requirements in this area.

Free Electives: 5 Units

These courses may be selected from any of the four TST departments, although they are usually selected with a view to addressing specific formation needs or a concentration of courses in one department (e.g. Theology).

Theological Field Education: 2 Units

  • Placement: RGF3010H (1 unit). 250 Hours of supervised ministry. Click here for a discussion of the educational philosophy and practice adopted in the completion of these units. Registration in the placement may take place in the fall, spring or summer session: RGF 3010 HF (Fall) OR RGF 3010 HS (Spring) OR RGF 3010 HY (Summer).
  • Theological Reflection: RGF3040H (1 unit). A seminar that integrates theological field education and academic study.

M.Div. Comprehensive Exam: 0 Units