M.A. in M.S. Program Outline & Requirements

The Master of Arts in Ministry & Spirituality is a two-year, twenty-credit program that can be completed on a part-time basis. See below for specific requirements.

All students are required to maintain an electronic portfolio that documents their progress through their programs.


Year One: Academic Component - 6 Units

  • RGB1501H Introduction to New Testament
  • RGP3227H Foundations of Religious Experience (Prior to September 2009)
  • RGP3281H Religious Experience in the World's Religions (Effective September 2009)
  • RGP3214H Spirituality & Culture
  • RGT1905H Ethical Reflections on Pastoral Practice
  • Two Electives


Year One: Pastoral Component - 4 Units

  • RGP3687H Integration for Ministry I: Practicum & Seminar
  • RGP3688H Integration for Ministry II: Practicum & Seminar
  • RGP3218Y Pastoral Component: Two credits conferred upon completion of a supervised program of ministerial growth/development of approximatley 400 hours. This is normally completed between May and August.


Year Two: Academic Component: 10 Units

  • Theological Elective in Anthropology
  • Theological Elective in Christology
  • Theological Elective in Ecclesiology
  • Theological Elective in Social Ethics
  • Theological Elective in Systematics or Ethics
  • Old Testament Elective: Preferably Introduction
  • New Testament Elective
  • History Elective
  • Pastoral Elective
  • RGP3682H Integration for Ministry: Theory and Praxis


Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality (M.A. in M.S.)