Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality (M.A. in M.S.)

Awarded conjointly by Regis College and the University of Toronto


The Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality program is designed for men and women with active ministerial experience who seek to expand and deepen a social and spiritual vision through theological study and reflection on the personal and societal dimensions of ministry in a post-modern culture. It emphasises an updating of theological understanding rather than training in specialised ministerial skills. Although designed as a two-year program of study, the first year of which incorporates the Integration for Ministry program, this program can be pursued on a part-time basis.


The Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality program, through both its academic and pastoral components seeks:

  • to present new theological insights for a deeper understanding of ministerial issues;
  • to enable students to understand the relationship among theological reflection, ministerial development and spiritual growth; and
  • to open the creative power of the imagination to new ministerial alternatives.