Doctor of Sacred Theology (S.T.D.)

Awarded by Regis College

Program Goal

The STD prepares Regis College students on a rigorous level to teach Catholic theology and pursue a program of advanced research and study. It is undertaken in conjunction with the Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies Program.

Admission Requirements

  • Fufil Minimum Requirements for all basic programs.
  • STL, with an A- standing.
  • Three references affirming the applicant’s potential to teach theology and ability to undertake advanced graduate theological studies..
  • A statement of intent.
  • An admission interview, may be conducted over the phone or internet for international candidates.

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Program Requirements

  • Two years full-time residency as a Regis College student
  • Publication of a substantial portion of the approved doctoral thesis. Normally, it is a substantial portion of the thesis as a book with a refereed press, but by exception this may take the form of approximately two-thirds of the thesis published in appropriately refereed journal articles. All submission will be approved by the Ecclesiastical Committee.
  • See more details below:
    The STD program requires two sessions of coursework, seminars and/or tutorials at the advanced level at Regis College in preparation for writing a thesis. The thesis must be between 50,000 and 100,000 words in length and defended before five examiners. Students shall be approved for graduation with the STD when the published copy of the thesis (or a significant portion of the thesis) in a refereed publication has been deposited with the Registrar of Regis College for delivery to the Regis College Library. A contract for publication of the thesis is not considered sufficient. These requirements must be met by the fourth Friday in September of the year in which the student wishes to convocate. A fuller description of the program and residency, admission requirements and graduation requirements is available upon request. Under certain conditions, the coursework, tutorials, seminars and/or thesis may also count toward a civil PhD or ThD degree.