Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.)

Awarded by Regis College

Program Goal

The STL prepares students to teach Catholic theology and pursue a program of advanced study and research.

Admission Requirements

  • Fufil Minimum Requirements for all basic programs.
  • STB program or its equivalent, with a B+ standing and a comprehensive exam in theology.
  • Two references affirming the applicant’s potential to teach theology and ability to undertake graduate theological studies.
  • A statement of intent.
  • An admission interview, may be conducted over the phone or internet for international candidates.
  • Application forms and further instructions are available in the S.T.L. Application Package.

Program Requirements

The STL requires two years (four sessions) of advanced study, entailing seven advanced courses (including a course in Catholic doctrinal theology) and a thesis (or doctoral comprehensive examinations), plus reading proficiency in at least one ancient and one modern research language. A fuller description of the program and residency, admission requirements and graduation requirements is available upon request. Under certain conditions, six of these courses and a thesis may fulfil the civil ThM degree requirements.

  • Two years (four sessions) part-time residency as a Regis student
  • Seven courses:

    Option One (usually concurrent with a ThM student):
    Seven courses plus the thesis

    Option Two (usually concurrent with a ThD student):
    Seven courses plus the doctoral comprehensives