D.I.S. Program Outline & Requirements

Interested applicants are recommended to apply for the Master of Arts in Ministry and Spirituality Program or the Master of Theological Studies Program.

Ten course units of study are ordinarily completed over a two-year period. Eight courses are required; two are electives. The ten courses include seven academic courses and three practical units offered in two phases. The academic courses are integrated through the two phases of the practical training.

All students are required to maintain an electronic portfolio that documents their progress through their programs.


The diploma is situated within the Integration for Ministry programs and can be the basis for further studies. Depending on the need of the student, the selection of elective courses may draw upon gthe systematic, scriptural and pastoral departments.

Academic Pastoral Study: 5 Units

  • RGP3265H Approaches to Spiritual Direction and Discernment
  • RGP3687H Integration for Ministry I: Practicum & Seminar
  • RGP3270H Discerning the Signs of the Times: Contemporary Cultural Theory and Spirituality
  • RGP3212Y Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (2 units)

Academic Electives: 2 Units

  • Drawn from the systematic, scriptural or pastoral departments.

Supervised Practical Training: 3 Units

  • Phase 1: RGP3218Y Pastoral Component
  • Phase 2: RGP3/6269H Supervised Practice and Appropriation of the Ministry of Spiritual Direction.