March 4th Open House Offers Lecture Series

All those interested in exploring graduate programs in theology within a faith community that seeks an integrated spirituality, a faith that does justice, critical dialogue and academic excellence are invited to an open house to be held on Saturday March 4th, 2006 from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Students during a class at Regis CollegeThere will be an opportunity to learn about a variety of diploma and degree programs oriented to preparation for ministry, sabbatical renewal, academic research and general theological education.

Several faculty will introduce themes in theological study by offering a series of short lectures that will run concurrently with information sessions, tours of the campus and opportunities to meet program directors.

Michael Kolarcik, “Genesis and Chaos."

We are all acquainted with the picture of beauty and goodness in the cosmos as depicted in the first chapter of Genesis. "And God saw that it was good." But does the story read so simply? A careful look at the story points to an important feature of chaos. Chaos remains an inherent element even within a good and beautiful cosmos.

Meg Lavin , "Theology for Ministry: Learning to Serve."

Ministry is an integral part of every Christian's life. The needs of the church community challenge us to broaden our understanding of ministry. To ignore these challenges is to ignore the ongoing renewal of the church itself. Explore how theological reflection and ministry can become an integral part of your Christian life.

Scott Lewis, “More Than Meets the Eye: Exploring the Revelatory Text."

The bible is the foundation of Western monotheistic faith, a source of comfort and inspiration to countless generations of people. Unfortunately, it has also been the source of hatred, division, and violence. How can God's message to humanity be so misunderstood and poorly used? By deifying a book and the written words on a page, we deny ourselves the deeper and broader understanding of God and humanity that the Bible offers us. Through a variety of tools and reading strategies, we explore the limitless and multi-faceted nature of God's Word, enabling us to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Gordon Rixon, “Mysticism on the Margins: Encountering the Lindisfarne Gospels."

Turning the pages of an eight century illuminated Gospel Book not only offers insight into the ecumenical vision of the Lindisfarne community in Northumbria but also challenges contemporary Christians to transformative action in a globalized society. Discover how monastic spiritual rhetoric continues to enliven action for justice in the contemporary world.

Joseph Schner, "Religious illusions/illusory religion: Why Dr. Freud was right."

Sigmund Freud called faith in God an illusion. Could it be that he was not all wrong? The speaker will focus on the contemporary psychoanalysis Ana-Maria Rizzuto. When is religion illusory?

Candidates for programs at Regis College generally require a bachelor's degree, but this first degree need not be in theology or religious studies. Trans-disciplinary opportunities are available. Pre-registration for the open house is requested. For more information or to pre-register, contact Elaine Chu, Registrar, 416-922-5474 x 226.