Lupina Centre Key Constituencies

In our endeavor to answer these questions, we especially seek to engage several communities as conversation partners. First, we seek to engage all those in the university community who are addressing questions relevant to a wholistic vision of health. This includes not only those in the theological, philosophical, and medical fields, but also those in the various humanities, social sciences, sciences, and professional fields, all of whose insights and contributions are necessary for our collaboration to be truly fruitful. Second, we seek to engage those excercising leadership in the healthcare community in the Greater Toronto Area. This includes both those administrators whose leasdership shapes the delivery of healthcare in hospitals, community health centres, clinics, and private practices and also those who lead governmental departments related to healthcare. Third, we seek to engage and learn from those working directly with patients and addressing spiritual and ethical concerns on a daily basis. This community includes medical social workers, chaplains, and hospice workers in addition to other healthcare professionals.

We plan to explore issues central to the mission of the Lupina Centre for Healthcare, Spirituality and Ethics through the formation of a community of scholars who will engage these issues on a regular basis, through periodic public lectures and seminars, and through the funding of Lupina Fellows--Regis College doctoral students whose studies focus on some aspect of ethics, spirituality, and/or healthcare.