Facilities & Accessibilty

STUDY SPACE                                

The library is a bright and pleasant place to study, with a variety of study spaces, ranging from armchairs and study carrels to traditional wooden tables and chairs. There are 2 group study rooms which can be booked for groups of 2 - 6 by contacting the circulation desk. Both rooms are located in the library, one of which can be used for general study when not booked for other uses. The other room is available only when booked. The Doctoral Study Room provides 19 carrels that are reserved for those Regis College doctoral students who will make regular use of them. The carrels include lockable storage space, electrical outlets, wired internet connections, desk lights and adjustable upholstered desk chairs. Wireless internet is also available. A one-time fee of $15.00 covers the cost of an electronic fob that allows access to the carrel area. The fee for a lost or damaged fob is also $20.00.


The library is accessible by the elevator from the main entrance of the college. There is an accessible washroom in the library. One computer workstation has an adjustable height desk and the circulation desk has upper and lower counter heights.


There are 10 computer workstations with adjustable desk chairs . You must bring your own storage media (flash drive). Wireless internet connectivity is available throughout the library. For help connecting contact the Information Commons Helpdesk . Many study spaces have access to electrical outlets. There are also 2 quick use stand-up computer workstations with internet access. All workstations require a UTorID to log in. Computer users should ensure that their use of the computers complies with the University of Toronto's Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology policy.


The Library has one black-and-white photocopier. Regis College copy cards are required; the copier accepts neither the T-card nor cash.Copies are $.10 per page. Regis copy cards for $1, $2, $5, $10 can be purchased at the circulation desk. Your first card costs $1 in addition to the card value. If you return the empty card and purchase a new card the $1 fee is not charged on the new card. The $1 card fee is refundable when a card is returned and a new card is not purchased.

Occasional visitors with fewer than 10 pages to copy may borrow a copy card and pay cash. Double-sided copying and other features are available. Please ask a Library staff member if you have special copying requirements.

Printing is available from all library workstations with the exception of the stand-up stations. Printing is not available through the wireless connection. Printing can be picked up at the circulation desk at a cost of $.15 per single-sided page, and $.25 per double-sided page.


Lockers are available at the beginning of the fall and winter terms for an annual rental of $30.00. This fee covers the locker and an electronic fob that allows access to the locker area. Locker renewals are $15.00. The fee for a lost or damaged pog is $20.00. No food may be stored in the lockers. To rent a locker or for more information contact the library circulation desk. Renters must supply their own locks.


There are two washrooms at the back of the library. One is wheelchair accessible.


No food is allowed in the library. Water is permitted throughout and other drinks in spill proof containers are permitted in designated "coffee friendly" areas, including the computer lab and the group study rooms.