Regis College Library - Borrowing

Borrowing for T-Card holders

2 weeks
up to 50 items
1 renewal**
4 weeks (subject to recall*)
up to 100 items
1 renewal**
6 weeks (subject to recall*)
up to 100 items
1 renewal**
Audio Visual Items1 week
Short Term Loan
(aka Course Reserves)
2 hrs (or 1 week, if specified by instructor)

Borrowing for Regis Card Holders

(Alumni, Auditors, General Public)
Regis Card Holders
2 weeks
up to 25 items
 no renewals
Audio Visual Items
1 week
Short Term Loans
(aka Course Reserves)
 2 hrs (or 1 week if specified by instructor)

Fines & Fees

Regular Overdue$0.50/day
STL Overdue$0.50/hr
Lost Bookreplacement cost + $25.00
Damaged bookas assessed
Regis Library Card
$25.00 /year
Complimentary 1 semester for Windows on Theology Registrants.

* Recalls - Borrowed items can be recalled after two weeks if urgently needed. Fines for recalled items are $2.00/day
**Renewals - additional renewals may be available in person depending on demand fot the item(s).