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The Alumni Scholarship Fund

We ask you to continue in this mode of service by establishing and supporting a scholarship fund to be named in your honour: The Alumni Scholarship Fund. It offers you a very specific way in which to continue your support of the Regis mission for ministry, not just here but throughout the world, by supporting an international student studying at Regis College.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Must be a Regis international student
  • Must be accepted into a basic or advanced degree program of study

The scholarship will become active once a capital amount of $15,000 has been raised from which an award of $1,000 per year can be generated.  We hope to reach this goal within the next five years.

Our conservative investment approach at Regis College ensures that the original investment will be secure at all times, and that we receive a sound return on the invested capital without risk to the principle amount.


The Annual Fund

Educating for ministry in the world is much like throwing a pebble into water.  The perpetual moving outward from the center is a consonant image for education at this, Canada’s only Jesuit graduate theological school.  And water has a rich place in our faith; whether we think of water in the context of baptism or in the vastness of our oceans, the image of a ripple resulting from the toss of a simple pebble is the result of our student’s education here at Regis. 

Ministry Market Place The programmes offered by Regis require the support of our benefactors so that the ripple continues its outward movement.  An education at Regis is not simply an activity that ends in the presentation of a degree or diploma, although that does happen. Our programmes are only successful when they change the lives of our students who enroll in them. In turn, the students whose lives are indelibly altered by these programmes move out into the world to minister to others who in turn experience the life changing values of education – one fostered by you a benefactor of Regis College. 

This year we mark our 75th anniversary with groundbreaking programmes that both inspire and engage students not only in Regis but from the entire University of Toronto campus.  These programmes, in addition to the full slate of degree and diploma offerings, will not only invite others into the Regis College community; they will educate those seeking the unique and inspiring form of spirituality available at Regis College. 

Our work has, for over 75 years, provided leadership and we have a distinguished record in theological education.  

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