GEOFFREY (Monty) WILLIAMS, S.J., B.A.; M.A.; M.Div.; Ph.D.

GEOFFREY (Monty) WILLIAMS, S.J., B.A.; M.A.; M.Div.; Ph.D.Co-Chair of Diploma in Ignatian Spirituality
Sessional Lecturer, Spiritual Theology
Room 204; ext. 251;

Fr. Williams, S.J. is known to all as simply “Monty”. His background and interest in spirituality and culture come across in the classes that he presents at Regis College.


They are:

  1. Approaches to Spiritual Direction and Discernment
  2. Discerning the Signs of the Times: Contemporary Cultural Analysis and Contemporary Manifestations of Spirituality.
  3. An Intensive Double Course on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

His work in spirituality and direction started in his formation as a Jesuit in the early seventies. In the summers he can usually be found giving retreats and workshops throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. His work  included teaching workshops, retreat and spiritual direction, and faciliatation in discernement

Areas of research and interest

  • Christian Spirituality (with a focus on Ignatian Spirituality and The Spiritual Exercises)
  • Comparative Spirituality with an interest in Buddhism and Shamanism
  • Spiritual Direction: Theory and Practice
  • Spirituality and Post-modernism
  • Contemporary Cultural Studies and Analysis
  • Twentieth Century British, American, and Commonwealth Literature
  • Poetry and Prose of the Romantic Period
  • Poetry and Prose of the Victorian Period
  • The History of Literary Criticism
  • Modern and Contemporary Critical Theory Composition

Selected publications


The Reason In A Storm: A Study Of The Use of Ambiguity In The Writings of T. S. Eliot. Lanham, New York, London: University Press . of America, 1991

Finding God in the Dark: Taking the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius to the Movies. Co-authored with John Pungente, S.J. Ottawa: Novalis Press, 2004

The Gift of Spiritual Intimacy. Novalis Press, 2009

Finding God in the Dark.  2nd Edition, Novalis Press, 2011

Stepping Into Mystery; A Guide to Discernment.  Novalis Press, 2012.


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A Series of Six Public Lectures on Spirituality and Personal Development given through the John Paul Two Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan in January/ February, 1989.

Lectures on Spirituality and Retreats since 1977 to various religious communities including: Jesuits, Sisters of St. Joseph, Sisters of Loretto, Sisters of St. Martha, Sisters of Charity, Monasteries of The Precious Blood.

Orlene Murad Lecture entitled "Method in Literary History" at the University of Regina in January 1994.

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