JOHN D. DADOSKY, B.A.; M.A.; S.T.L.; Ph.D.; S.T.D.

Associate Professor, Systematic Theology
Room 304; ext. 262

Prof. Dadosky received his S.T.L. from Regis College (1999), Ph.D. from the University of St. Michael’s College (2001); S.T.D. from Regis College (2004).  He joined the faculty in July 2001 and teaches systematic theology and philosophy.

Select Publications


  • The Structure of Religious Knowing: Encountering the Sacred in Though of Eliade and Lonergan. Albany, NY: SUNY Press 2004.


  • Meaning and History in Systematic Theology: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Doran, S. J.  Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press, 2009.
  • Mission, Inculturation, and Contextual Theology: Essays in Honour of Carl Starkloff, S.J. Special edition of the Toronto Journal of Theology 21/1 (Spring 2005).


  • "Lonergan on Wisdom," Irish Theological Quarterly 79/1 (2014), forthcoming.
  • Ÿ “Ecclesia de Trinitate: Ecclesial Foundations from Above,” 94/1049 New Blackfriars, (January, 2013): 64-78.
  • Ÿ “Desire, Bias and Love: Revisiting Lonergan’s Philosophical Anthropology,” Irish Theological Quarterly, 77/3 (2012): 244-64
  • “Who/What  is/are  the Church(es)?” Heythrop Journal 52/5 (2011): 785-801.
  • “Is There a Fourth Stage of Meaning?” Heythrop Journal, 51/5 (2010): 768–780.
  • “‘Naming the Demon’: The ‘Structure’ of Evil in Lonergan and Girard.”Irish Theological Quarterly.  2010 75/4 (November).
  •  “Sacred Symbols as Explanatory: Geertz, Eliade and Lonergan,” Fu Jen International Religious Studies 4/1 (July, 2010).
  • “Methodological Presuppositions for Engaging the Other in a Post-Vatican II Church: Contributions from Ignatius and Lonergan.” Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue (March, 2010): 9-24.
  • Circumdata Varietate. The Multiple Dimensions of the Church: Towards an Explanatory Account.” New Blackfriars.  91/1033 (May, 2010): 267-285.
  • “Merton’s Dialogue with Zen: Pioneering or Passé?” Fu Jen International Religious Studies, Vol. 2 No. 1 (N. Summer 2008), 53-75.
  •  “Towards a Fundamental RE-Interpretation of Vatican II.” Heythrop Journal, 49 (September, 2008): 742-763
  • “The Official Church and the Church of Love in Balthasar’s Reading of John: An Exploration in Post-Vatican II Ecclesiology.” Studia Canonica, 41 (2007): 453-471
  • “Sacralization, Secularization, and Religious Fundamentalism.” Studies in Religious/Sciences Religieuses, 36.3-4 (Fall, 2007): 513-529.
  • “Walking in the Beauty of the Spirit: A Phenomenological and Theological Case Study of a Navajo Blessingway Ceremony.” Mission: Journal of Mission Studies/Revue des sciences de la mission, VI/2 (Fall 1999).
  • “The Dialectic of Religious Identity: Lonergan and Balthasar.” Theological Studies 60/1 (March 1999): 31-52. 

Areas of Enthusiasm

  • Ecclesiology and Mission
  • Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
  • Philosophical Theology
  • Religious identity in a pluralistic context (i.e. Fundamentalism).
  • Interfaith Dialogue—World Religions
  • The relationship between theology and religious studies
  • Philosophical foundations for interdisciplinary studies
  • Lonergan Studies
  • Religion and Culture
  • Theology of Beauty (Beauty as a transcendental notion)
  • Shamanism and Indigenous Healing Methods
  • Thomas Merton
  • Mariology


Faith and Culture; Ecclesiology; Eschatology; Lonergan's Insight, Lonergan's Method in Theology, Lonergan's Trinity; Philosophy and Theology of Beauty; Salvation and Nirvana: Comparitive Themes in Christian-Buddhist Dialogue.

Noteworthy & Regis Connections

John Dadosky delivers a presentation at Thomas More Institute, Montreal
John Dadosky Convenes CTSA Interest Group in St. Louis


The Official Church and the Church of Love in Balthasar’s Reading of John209.39 KB


  • RGT2341H Eschatology
  • RGT2712H Theology as Biography
  • RGT3410H Ecclesiology
  • RGT3530H Thought of Bernard Lonergan
  • RGT3570Y Lonergan's Insight
  • RGT3601H Faith and Culture
  • RGT3603H Salvation and Nirvana: Comparative Themes in Christianity and Buddhism
  • RGT3728H Philosophy & Theology of Beauty
  • RGT5223H Lonergan's Trinity
  • RGT5601H Faith and Culture
  • RGT5728H Philosophy & Theology of Beauty
  • RGT6410H Ecclesiology
  • RGT6530H Thought of Bernard Lonergan
  • RGT6570Y Lonergan's Insight
  • RGT6601H Faith and Culture
  • RGT6728H Philosophy & Theology of Beauty