GILLES M. MONGEAU, S.J., B.A.; Ph.L.; M.A.; MDiv; S.T.L.; Th.D.

Associate Professor, Systematic Theology
Room 318, ext. 257

Rev. Dr. Mongeau received the Doctor of Theology from Regis College and the University of Toronto in 2003, after research stints at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and at Boston College. His doctoral research focused on Thomas Aquinas’ use of rhetoric as a theological method, and on Aquinas’ Christology as the climax of the theological pedagogy of the Summa Theologiae. In addition to his ongoing research and teaching, Fr. Mongeau is a spiritual director, gives retreats, and ministers to people living with HIV and AIDS, along with their caregivers and friends. He also coordinates the "Regis in the Arts" activities at the College.

Research Interests

1. Aquinas Studies: Christology, theology of the Christian life, rhetoric and theological method.

2. Ignatian and Jesuit spiritual theology.

3. Systematics:
a. Areas - Trinity, Christology, soteriology, theology of the Cross, aesthetics,  faith and culture.
b. Authors – Bernard Lonergan, Robert Doran, RenĂ© Girard, James Alison, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Miroslaw Volf.

Select Publications

Embracing Wisdom: the Spiritual Pedagogy of the Summa Theologiae (forthcoming)

• “Classical Rhetoric and the Control of Elemental Meaning,” in Meaning and history in Systematic Theology: essays in honor of Robert Doran. (Marquette University Press, October 2009).

• “Bernard Lonergan as Interpreter of Aquinas: a Complex Relation,” in special Lonergan edition of Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 63 (2007)

• “The Consciousness and Knowledge of the Incarnate Word,” Josephinum Journal of Theology. pages 30-42 February 2005.

• “The Spiritual Pedagogy of the Summa Theologiae,” Nova et Vetera. pages 91-114, Spring 2004.

Select Abstracts and/or Papers Read

• “A More Cosmopolitan Salvation: Aquinas, Formation for Beatitude, and the Cross,” for the Lonergan Workshop, Boston, MA, June 2010.

• “Response to Jean Claude Margolin’s ‘Wisdom and the Wise Man according to Charles de Bovelles’,” Conference celebrating 500th Anniversary of the De Sapiente of Charles de Bovelles, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, February 2009.

• “A Second Look at some Convergences in Girard’s and Lonergan’s Thought,” for the 3rd International Lonergan Workshop, Mainz, Germany, January 2007.

• Panel with Emerich Coreth, on Lonergan and Transcendental Thomism, Jesuitenkolleg, Innsbruck, Austria, January 2007.

• “Convergences in Girard’s and Lonergan’s Thought: A First Reading,” for the Colloquium on Violence and Religion, Koblenz, Germany, June 2005.

• “Retrieving a Lost Tradition: Augustine, Anselm and Aquinas on the Cross,” for the Lonergan Workshop, Boston, MA, June 2005.

• “Augustine on the Cross,” for the College Theology Society, June 2005.

• “The Church’s Public Voice: responding to Jeffrey Stout,” for the Forum on Religion and Public Life of the Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice, December 2003.

Ongoing Research

Redemption and nonviolence: I continue to develop my work in Christology, and particularly in the theology of the Cross as it relates to Christian engagement with culture and society. The work of Aquinas, Lonergan, Doran, Girard and Volf is particularly significant to my interests.

Rhetoric and theological method: I continue to explore the use of rhetoric by patristic and medieval theologians.

Aquinas as commentator on the Scriptures: I have taught a reading course on the Job commentary. I have been invited to contribute an essay on Aquinas’ interpretation of the Gospel of Mark as part of a commentary on that gospel being prepared by a colleague at the Gregorian University.