Toronto School of Theology Journeys on Continuing Path to Excellence - Updated Information

The Toronto School of Theology (TST) and its seven member colleges are pleased to announce that planning is underway to shape the future direction of its programming. Changes will increase excellence in research and in the preparation of learned leaders in religion and society. As the TST consortium enters its 42nd year of operation and approaches the fourth renewal of the agreement governing its relation with the University of Toronto (UofT), plans include mounting a conjoint Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) with UofT. The preparation of the internal study for the new program is nearing completion. Faculty will be meeting soon to discuss potential areas of concentration.

The development of the new conjoint PhD program envisions that the current conjoint Doctor of Theology (ThD) will cease accepting admissions the same year that the new program is approved and begins to accept candidates. This will be no earlier than 2014 and may be later. The programs of students currently enrolled in the conjoint ThD will not be affected by the change.

TST is an ecumenical collaboration of Christian schools that welcomes dialogue and mutual exchange with other academic disciplines and world religions. For more information, visit or contact Alan Hayes, Director of the Toronto School of Theology at, 416-978-4039.

Regis College is the Jesuit School of Theology at the University of Toronto and a Founding Member of the Toronto School of Theology.

Members of the public interested in theological education are invited to attend an open house in October and March each year.