Writing Clinic

WHY?  Good writing is an important part of graduate education and the College wants to help students achieve their best. Everybody can benefit from intentional thinking about how to improve their writing.

WHAT?  Individual writing tutoring to help you learn how to plan, organize, write and revise academic papers; consultations are 25 or 50 minutes long.

  • Tutors ask about your plans and discuss them with you to help you understand your topic and clarify your ideas.
  • Tutors will help you gain your own skills in revising and editing but they do not check through papers for language errors, much less correct them for you. Tutors may work with you to identify and correct grammatical errors in a small selection of your text, but please do not ask them to do your proofreading.

WHO?  All Regis-enrolled students (part- or full-time) are eligible for the service which is provided by tutors who are Regis students with proven writing ability.

WHERE?  On the premises of the College in a room that will be booked for you and the tutor.

WHEN?  Monday to Firday, daytime during fall and winter terms.  The on-line booking form shows the hours when tutors are available.  We will do our best to book your preferred time but the tutors' schedules may mean that your first choice is not possible.

HOW?  Book a consultation; keep your booking. Bring to the session your work in process (with the assignment sheet) as well as your questions about the particular assignment. Your work must be in print form. The tutor helps identify what are the relevant writing issues and works with you to develop strategies to address them. Book a session at any stage of work on an assignment but leave plenty of time afterwards to implement suggested strategies on your own.

HOW MUCH?  Free.


  • Fill in the online form, or phone the Writing Clinic at 416-922-5474 ext. 400. Please leave a detailed message, including name, phone number, and desired appointment date and time. Expect an email response or phone call from the Writing Clinic in three days.
  • You must book by Thursday 8.30pm to get a time in the following week.
  • You can have a maximum of two not-yet-used bookings at any given time.
  • You must give at least 24 hours notice to cancel a booking. Send an email to tutorwriting.two.regis@utoronto.ca and leave a detailed message at the Writing Clinic Voicemail at 416-922-5474 ext. 200. Failure to do so may block you from the service.
  • Writers who have had more than four 50-minute consultations in an academic term may have to forego additional sessions depending on the demand for the tutors’ time.