Auditing Courses

Although students registered at Regis normally take all their courses for credit, a limited number of students may audit a course with the permission of the instructor and subject to space; auditors are not admitted to full, limited-enrolment courses.

The fee for auditing a course is listed on the annual schedule of fees.  Auditing fee may be waived for students carrying a full-course load.  Any Regis student wishing to audit a course must complete the relevant Basic program or Advanced program Audit Form available at the webpage, or from the Student Services Assistant, and obtain the signature of the instructor teaching the course.

Audited courses are not registered on ROSI, and do not appear on a basic program student's official transcript.  An audited course may never be converted to a credit course at a later date.  A course taken for audit should not be taken again for credit.

Auditors are not issued a University of Toronto student number and do not receive an identification card.  Auditors may inquire at the Regis College Library circulation desk about options for library privileges (  Participation of the auditor in class exercises and discussion is at the discretion of the professor.  Instructors will not mark or read written work from auditors.

Auditing of Advanced Degree course accessible to TST Advanced Degree students only.