From Art to Faith & Back Again: The Journey of Francois Delsarte

Please join us for a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between faith and art. Dr. Franck Waille from the Department of Dance Studies at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal will present: "From Art to Faith & Back Again: The Journey of Francois Delsarte" on Monday, March 30, 2015 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at Regis College. All are welcome.

About the Speaker

Dr. Franck Waille obtained his doctorate in 2003 from the University of Lyon III; his research in the history of aesthetics focussed on the thought of Francois Delsarte, a late 19th French theoretician of artistic practice.  Trained in modern dance, Dr. Waille is one of the few contemporary teachers of Delsarte’s method; his approach brings together academic rigor and 20 years of experience as an artist & teacher.  His ongoing research centers on the links between art & spirituality. 

About Fran├žois Delsarte

Fran├žois Delsarte (1811-1871), French singer & pedagogue , was well-known across Europe in his lifetime and had a remarkable posthumous influence at the end of the 19th century, notably in the United States, which experienced a veritable Delsartemania.  The loss of his singing voice necessitated a difficult re-education based on his empirical observations of successful artistic practice.  This work gave birth to an experiential pedagogy and a precise theory of vocal, oratorical & movement practice.

His teachings played a determining role in the emergence of modern dance, and are generally considered a key source for the modern approach to the stage arts.  For him, expressive phenomena, artistic praxis, indeed the human body itself are intimately linked to the spiritual; his approach  associates Catholic theology and ancient & medieval esoteric thought. 

Having come to the Catholic faith through artistic practice, he became a member of the lay Dominican movement (Third Order).  The thought of Thomas Aquinas, his central point of reference, provides him with the tools to articulate his wholistic notion of the person, from which flows his notion of art, which implies in turn a dynamic process of spiritual development that holds together body & soul. 


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