Executive Committee

Alumni/ae Association of Regis College

The Alumni/ae Association can be contacted by email at alum@regiscollege.ca. We would be happy to hear from you.


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President's Report

A message from the President.


Regis Alumni/ae Association is now in its eighth year and I believe that our numbers attending the AGM are increasing each year and of course there will always be room for more.

This Alumni/ae is committed to spreading the word of our desire to further involve graduates to continue their association with Regis; to share their gifts and experience in their own particular ministry and to pray as a community. I am grateful to Fr. Scott Lewis for presiding at our Mass and we will continue to begin this yearly meeting with Mass in our beautiful chapel.

We invite and encourage all graduates to attend the beautiful weekly Liturgy which is, in itself a reason to stay connected. Regis College offers so much to further develop our faith, our minds and our hearts. I believe that with our present Executive, and the possibility of strengthening our numbers here today, we will continue to move forward in a very positive manner to establish strong community bonds with the College.

Many functions here this past year involved the hard work and dedication of a large number of Alumni/ae members. The Book Sale, attended by well over 1,000 persons, took place April 30 – May 3rd with 4 days before to set up and 2 days to take down. No one but those kind souls who assisted could realize the work involved with bringing up approximately 22,000 books from downstairs and arranging them beautifully displayed for our buyers. There were about 50 graduates who assisted with the entire venture, but far too few for the set-up and take down. I believe that if we can get the word out there for help, help will arrive. Our goal of $20,000 was not reached but I feel certain that this 4th annual Book Sale will pass the $25,000 mark. (There is a method in our madness!) You do realize that thousands of ‘left overs’ are directed to the World Book Organization thanks to Teresa Helik and her direction. All proceeds are directed to the president of Regis College to be used where it is most needed. I must add that the sale of gently used books from the book cases just outside the buttery, is being well received and our sales to date are very promising.

Also in the area of fund raising, we will once again have a Christmas Boutique in the Solarium November 18, 19th and 20th. All merchandise has been purchased from Christmas Traditions, a company in Mississauga known for its very beautifully crafted materials. Keeping in mind that this is a fund raiser for Regis College, our prices will be as the game show states; the Price is Right. Advertising is the key to success for all of our ventures – and we thank Michele Clemo for assisting us. I am also grateful to Zane Chu for computer updates and of course Wilma Scherloski for her work on correcting and updating email addresses of the graduates.

To establish a pastoral and prayerful dimension we will be part of an Advent Retreat. Last year it was coordinated by the Student Council and Alumni/ae. The retreat was Saturday November 30 here at Regis and was well attended. Everyone present expressed the desire to “do it again” and so we are. More information will be posted on our website and also sent directly to the members of this Association.

As an Assessor Member of the Board of Governors for Regis College, I have the privilege of attending the Board meetings and reporting to them about the health and welfare of this Association. I will take great delight in sharing with them the enthusiasm displayed at this meeting.

At your places you have perhaps noticed the “thoughts and suggestions” form. We would very much appreciate that you take a few minutes to jot down your ideas and suggestions that might assist us in our planning for the coming year. Of course you are very welcome to email us, Wilma or myself at any time. I especially want to thank Wilma Scherloski for her guidance, assistance and really hard work to help everything we undertake be successful.

This completes my report for the year 2014. Thank you.

Catherine von Zuben, President.

Board of Directors

Past President

Raymond Ryan, MDiv, 2004

A displaced Maritimer, Raymond Ryan came to Toronto in 2000, a late in life learner and former waiter. His time at Regis offered him many opportunities to develop and hone hidden gifts. After graduating Regis College he entered a Residency program in Clinical Pastoral Education with The Canadian Association of Pastoral Practice and Education in the spring of 2005 where he assisted patients, family and staff deal with the emotional and spiritual issues that may arise when hospitalized. After a 12 month internship at UHN he began working in Hamilton at the General, continuing to assist people in their time of crisis. The General (primarily known for its trauma and Cardiac work), was an amazing blessing in Raymond's life but to continue to develop professionally, transferring to the Henderson Hospital and Juravinski Cancer Centre to develop a greater understanding of the spiritual issues that arise when working with Cancer patients.

After a time, Toronto’s pull reasserted itself and Raymond wound up at West Park Healthcare Centre, a complex continuing care and rehab centre in the Jane St. and Weston Rd. area. The community of West Park is actually that and the people who work there are a remarkable family, one which he hopes to be a part of for a long time.

Raymond is delighted to be a part of the Alumni/ae Association as his Regis experience of collegiality and opportunity for personal growth and challenge is one which he wishes to continue for a very long time and he anticipates enjoying his time with the talented women and men of the Association Board and the further fostering of an exceptional community.


Catherine von Zuben, MAMS, 2010

Catherine thoroughly enjoyed thirty-five years in education in the role of teacher, consultant and principal. For the past many years (50 to be exact!) she has conducted children’s choirs, and in her parish of Good Shepherd 60 children sing God’s praises every Sunday morning.

Catherine joined the Regis College Community filled with enthusiasm at the thought of studying in a Jesuit College of Theology. The spirit and love which emulates from this environment challenged her to commit to the MAMS program which she enjoyed to the utmost. She graduated in 2010 and her studies have prepared her for the work of  coordinating the pastoral ministries in her parish; continuing to serve as a member of the CWL at the parish and diocesan level and she continues to be very involved with the work of ORAT – Office of Refugees for the Archdiocese of Toronto.  

As president of the Alumnae, Catherine’s goal is to invite and welcome all graduates of Regis programs to be involved with the College after graduation. She is committed to raise funds for Regis through the annual Book Sale of some 22,000 gently used or new donated books held in April and an annual Christmas Boutique. 


Wilma Scherloski, MAMS, 1999

After retiring from a long career in education as a teacher, Vice-principal, Principal and Supervisory Officer, Wilma decided to return to further studies. She received a MA in MS in 1999 and a Diploma in Spiritual Direction in 2001.

Presently, Wilma is Dean of Students at Regis College, a position she has held from 2001. Wilma spends a lot of time in Saskatchewan where she grew up.

Thelma D'Souza, MTS

Thelma D'Souza retired in 2009 from a productive but highly stressful career in public service, as part of a team charged with managing the development and implimentation of IT solutions of the Driver Vehicle and Carrier Systems of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.  The transition of retirement was greatly eased by joining Regis College, where the learning has been challenging, enriching and fun, and the atmosphere warm, inviting and collegial! Thelma graduated with a Masters in Theological Studies in 2012. 

Thelma appreciates the many opportunities to be part of the Regis Community, and to assist whenever and however possible so as to ensure that the incredible gift of this establishment, Regis College, is available for generations to come. 

Héctor Alfonso Acero Ferrer, MDiv

Héctor is currently pursuing a Master of Philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies and working as a research assistant for the Centre for Philosophy, Religion, Society and Ethics.  Originally from Bogota, Héctor began undergraduate studies in philosophy at the National University of Colombia, transferring to the University of Toronto to complete his Honours Bachelor of Arts. He also holds a Master of Divinity and a Bachelor of Sacred Theology from the Toronto School of Theology, Regis College in 2013. While at TST, Héctor was actively involved as a student representative, serving as president of the Regis College Student Council. Parallel to his studies, Héctor has worked for several non-for-profit, faith-based organizations dedicated to social justice and education including, Fontbonne Ministries, Scarboro Foreign Missions, and the Newman Centre Catholic Mission. Héctor’s research interests include philosophy of language, the intersection of faith and society, and current trends in Latin American theology. This is Hector’s first time attending the Bat Kol program.

Maria Ertis, MDiv, S.T.B., 1988