Executive Committee

Alumni/ae Association of Regis College

The Alumni/ae Association can be contacted by email at alum@regiscollege.ca. We would be happy to hear from you.


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President's Report

A message from the President.

          Regis Alumnae Association is now in its seventh year and I believe that we are seeing a small but healthy growth as a community proud to be associated with the spirit and genuine caring for which Regis College stands.

          Our Association seeks among other things to establish strong community bonds among alumni/ae and with the College. This we have attempted to do by our members participation in the Open House which takes  place in October and March and at which the alumnae has been well represented; at Graduation Exercises in November; participation and attendance at weekly Wednesday Liturgies; involvement and attendance at the International night. Many of us supported the Regis Gala Event on February 9th. This was an ‘affair to remember’ with I believe 150 guests, attended to and waited on by faculty and student’s council members. The food was prepared and served by faculty and students and it was amazing.

          We are very visible at events such as the presentation of the “Homeless Jesus” and also a number of panel discussions and lectures presented by faculty and others in the evenings throughout this past school year, all of which have been outstanding and very well attended.

          To establish a pastoral and prayerful dimension in the Association that is unique to Regis College is another of our goals. As indicated in the Alumnae survey of last year that members would appreciate a retreat, we once again planned and saw to fruition a Twilight Retreat with the theme “Let Your Light Shine”. On Sunday November 4th, Sr. Mary Rowell was the facilitator with a theme that reflected the Church’s Year of Faith and a pre-advent focus. All present very much appreciated an evening of prayer and reflection. Mary’s reflections and silent prayer/sharing time were a beautiful preparation for our liturgical season of Advent. It is our intention to make this an annual event.

          As president of the Alumnae it is my privilege to be an Assessor Member on the Board of Governors for Regis College. At these meetings the presidents of the Student Council and the Alumnae have the opportunity to give a verbal report on the accomplishments and upcoming events in which we are involved. I find the members to be very positive and supportive towards anything that we as a group undertake.

            It has been brought to my attention that nowhere does it say that we are a fundraising arm for Regis. I believe that fundraising has not taken over all our energies. However, at this point in time Regis seeks assistance from all areas of the College to participate in exercises that will hopefully support the financial needs of the College. To this end, as chair, I once again organized the 2nd Annual Book Sale with the assistance of many colleagues, alumnae members, students and friends of Regis College. Without a doubt, this event “encourages learning and sharing among its members, especially drawing upon the gifts of their ministry, professional practices and experiences”, all goals that the Association seek. All of our executive and many Alumnae/i  assisted greatly with their time and talent to ensure a very successful Book Sale. Our contribution to Regis College library is noteworthy. Also of importance, is that when a customer came calling, and more than 900 came through our doors, they were greeted warmly and offered a Regis Book Sale bag in which was placed information about Regis College and the courses that will be offered this summer and in the fall, along with an outline of the Film Selections. Believe me; this represents far more than fundraising. We believe, as Henri Nouwen suggests “fundraising is first and foremost a form of ministry. It is as spiritual as giving a sermon, entering a time of prayer, visiting the sick or feeding the hungry. It is proclaiming what we believe in such a way that we offer other people an opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission.” We, like Henri Nouwen believe that “fundraising is always a call to conversion.”

Board of Directors

Past President

Raymond Ryan, MDiv, 2004

A displaced Maritimer, Raymond Ryan came to Toronto in 2000, a late in life learner and former waiter. His time at Regis offered him many opportunities to develop and hone hidden gifts. After graduating Regis College he entered a Residency program in Clinical Pastoral Education with The Canadian Association of Pastoral Practice and Education in the spring of 2005 where he assisted patients, family and staff deal with the emotional and spiritual issues that may arise when hospitalized. After a 12 month internship at UHN he began working in Hamilton at the General, continuing to assist people in their time of crisis. The General (primarily known for its trauma and Cardiac work), was an amazing blessing in Raymond's life but to continue to develop professionally, transferring to the Henderson Hospital and Juravinski Cancer Centre to develop a greater understanding of the spiritual issues that arise when working with Cancer patients.

After a time, Toronto’s pull reasserted itself and Raymond wound up at West Park Healthcare Centre, a complex continuing care and rehab centre in the Jane St. and Weston Rd. area. The community of West Park is actually that and the people who work there are a remarkable family, one which he hopes to be a part of for a long time.

Raymond is delighted to be a part of the Alumni/ae Association as his Regis experience of collegiality and opportunity for personal growth and challenge is one which he wishes to continue for a very long time and he anticipates enjoying his time with the talented women and men of the Association Board and the further fostering of an exceptional community.


Catherine von Zuben, MAMS, 2010

Catherine thoroughly enjoyed thirty-five years in education in the role of teacher, consultant and principal. For the past many years (50 to be exact!) she has conducted children’s choirs, and in her parish of Good Shepherd 60 children sing God’s praises every Sunday morning.

Catherine joined the Regis College Community four years ago filled with enthusiasm at the thought of studying in a Jesuit College of Theology. The spirit and love which emulates from this environment challenged her to commit to the MAMS program which she enjoyed to the utmost. She graduated last year and her studies have awakened in her the desire to continue to teach Sacramental Preparation in her parish and to encourage other retired parishioners and members of the CWL to also be open to the invitation and privilege to study at Regis College.

As vice-president of the Alumnae, Catherine’s goal is to invite and welcome all graduates of Regis programs to be involved with the College after graduation. She is committed to raise funds for Regis through an annual Christmas Boutique which promises to offer the most beautiful Christmas gifts to be found anywhere. She invites you to assist in this fun project by donating raffle prizes, Christmas items and/or precious time to assist selling. Please contact Catherine or Wilma if you are interested in sharing your gifts, talents and time! The dates for our exciting project for 2011 are: Monday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. the weeks of November 28th and December 5th. Please join us!


Wilma Scherloski, MAMS, 1999

After retiring from a long career in education as a teacher, Vice-principal, Principal and Supervisory Officer, Wilma decided to return to further studies. She received a MA in MS in 1999 and a Diploma in Spiritual Direction in 2001.

Presently, Wilma is Dean of Students at Regis College, a position she has held from 2001. Wilma spends a lot of time in Saskatchewan where she grew up.


Mary Lou Gormley, MAMS and DSD, 2008

Mary Lou Gormley is a graduate of MAMS and the DSD program at Regis (2008). She has been involved in pastoral care and spiritual direction ministry for several years and continues to explore new ways to make this ministry available to others. She is an active member of Spiritual Directors Ontario (SDO)  annual retreat planning committee and involved in her local community. She is also a mom to an active thirteen-year-old named Andrew, stepmother to three wonderful women, and a Nana to seven grandchildren. She looks forward to her work with Regis’s alumina committee in the years ahead.


Beverly O'Grady

Beverly O'Grady is currently completing her last two courses for the Diploma of Spiritual Direction at Regis College.  She has a Masters of Theological Studies degree (2001) from St. Michael's College.  Bev works part time for the Archdiocese of Toronto in the Office of Formation for Discipleship as a faith animator and part time as a Catechist for St. Dominic's Parish in Mississauga.  Her parish ministry includes First Reconciliation/First Communion preparation and Spiritual Direction.  Bev has two young adult children, a spinning wheel and more fleece than anyone can possibly spin in one lifetime.

Thelma D'Souza, MTS

Thelma D'Souza retired in 2009 from a productive but highly stressful career in public service, as part of a team charged with managing the development and implimentation of IT solutions of the Driver Vehicle and Carrier Systems of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.  The transition of retirement was greatly eased by joining Regis College, where the learning has been challenging, enriching and fun, and the atmosphere warm, inviting and collegial! Thelma graduated with a Masters in Theological Studies in 2012. 

Thelma appreciates the many opportunities to be part of the Regis Community, and to assist whenever and however possible so as to ensure that the incredible gift of this establishment, Regis College, is available for generations to come.