Alumni/ae - Upcoming Annual General Meeting on October 23, 2015: Wine & Cheese - 4:30pm - AGM 6:00pm

Warm greetings to all our Alumni/ae members. As president of the Regis College alumni/ae, please know that I welcome you as members of the community of faith at Regis College. Your continued interest in the College and the Jesuit community at large is very important to us.

Regis Alumnae/i are committed to spreading the word re our desire to further involve graduates to continue their association with Regis; to share their gifts and experience in their own particular ministry and to come together as a community of faith. With this in mind, the executive will meet in late July to discuss and plan ways we might involve the Student Council and Alumnae to work together this upcoming new school year of 2015-2016.  I believe that with the very committed members of our Executive, we will move forward in a positive manner to continue to establish strong community bonds with the College. The Annual General Meeting of the Alumnae will take place Friday, October 23rd at 5:00 p.m. Please join us for this important meeting.

Our fourth annual Book Sale took place April 21 – 24. This is a very well organized event and as chair, I am really grateful for the help we received this year from the Jesuit and Regis community. The attendance was well over a thousand interested book buyers. They were delighted once again to see approximately 20,000 books beautifully displayed in all the classrooms of the College.  A ‘Thank you Tea’ was enjoyed on May 21st by many of the Book Sale workers. We thank Fr. Joseph Schner, Fr. Scott Lewis and Michele Clemo for once again organizing this very special event.

Be assured that you will be very welcome to all events and we ask you to pass this invitation to former colleagues. Regis College needs us as we need them. There will be many opportunities over this coming year to become involved. The Regis College alumni/ae are invited to participate in the life of the college in any number of ways.

Firstly, by informing us about what's happening in your life. We are always interested in your careers after your studies at the college. Please send an email and you can be put on the mailing list to receive dates of upcoming events.

Secondly, we continue to offer a full Calendar of Events. Our alumni/ae play a vital role in the success of these events. If you would like to attend any one of this years events, please email Student Services at, as some events require registration. if you have any ideas re: lecture/seminars that can be offered please let us know.

Lastly, as an alumni of Regis we count on you for ongoing financial support. Our academic community depends largely on tuition, government grants and Jesuit resources to continue the high standards of Jesuit theological education. In a world thirsty for spiritual support, Regis is a beacon of light. Your gifts to the college will be put to work immediately to support today's students.

Catherine Von Zuben



Regis College is the Jesuit School of Theology at the University of Toronto and a Founding Member of the Toronto School of Theology.

Members of the public interested in theological education are invited to attend an open house in October and March each year.