Regis Offers Expanded Summer Session in 2007

The Regis College Summer Sessions will begin on Monday April 30 and run for approximately six weeks. Course meet either twice a week or daily for shorter periods. Regis College students may also enroll at courses offfered by the other colleges of the Toronto School of Theology.

  • Joseph Schner, RGP6/3251HF Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction, begins May 2
  • Christiann Jacobs-Vandegeer, RGT2331HF Grace, begins May 2
  • Jack Costello, RGT6/3320HF Doing Justice with Spirit, begins May 1
  • Kathleen McAlpin, RGP6/3248HF Retreat in Everyday Life, begins May 7
  • Jaroslav Skira, RGH1010HF History of Christianity (to AD843), On-Line course, begins April 30

For additional information, please contact the Regis Registrar Elaine Chu. Please note that enrollment in RGP6/3248HF requires the permission of the instructor.