Reclaiming Theodicy - A New Book by Michael Stoeber

In Reclaiming Theodicy, Regis Professor Michael Stoeber explores various themes of theodicy - theology that defends God in the face of evil - by creatively developing a distinction between transformative and destructive suffering. Emphasizing the importance of human compassion and illustrating various spiritual experiences of God that are healing, the book proposes a narrative of life within which one might understand suffering in relation to a personal God of ultimate power and love, and suggests basic principles toward developing a politics of compassion. To read a sampe chapter, please click here. For ordering information, see the Palgrave MacMillan Website.

Those interested in exploring spirituality through graduate coursework at Regis College may wish to inquire about Professor Stoeber's courses RGP3210/6210HS Comparative Mystical Traditions and RGP3207/6207HS Spirituality and Suffering which both begin in January 2006.