Loretto Sisters Announce Gift

The Leadership Team of the Canadian Province of the Loretto Sisters (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary) have announced the donation to Regis College of an award of $5,000 per year for five years to support a woman student pursuing doctoral studies at Regis College.

The Loretto Sisters were founded by Mary Ward in 1609 and share the Ignatian tradition with the Jesuit Fathers. Integrity, justice and freedom are at the heart of their charism. The Sisters wish to support women who will carry these values forward as they engage in leadership and education.

The Sisters have a long history in the education of women. In announcing the award, the leadership team expressed their pleasure in cooperating with Regis College in the preparation of future educators and leaders in theology and spirituality.

The faculty and students of the Regis College express their gratitude for the support and collaboration of the Loretto Sisters.