Lonergan Research Institute Moves to Regis College

The Lonergan Research Insitute has taken up residence at Regis College. The Institute's library, archives and staff offices are now housed on the first floor of 15 St. Mary St. adjacent to the library. The Interim Director's office is located in room 37 at 65 St. Nicholas St. and the Audio Preservation Project remains at 10 St. Mary St. in suite 506.

Interim Director Fr. Ron Chochol observes that the move offers an excellent opportunity to build on the long history of collaboration between the College and the Institute. Fr. Lonergan taught at Regis for many years and the College has recently launched a Lonergan Studies Program. Once the Institue's library reopens in its new location, Regis College students and faculty will be invited to make use of this facilty for research and quiet individual study.

Please join the students, staff and faculty of Regis College to welcome:
Fr. Ron Chochol, Interim Director (65 St. Nicholas St.)
Fr. Bob Croken, S.J., Assistant Director and Editor
Mr. Greg Lauzon, Audio Archivist (10 St. Mary St.)
Fr. Michael Shields, S.J., Librarian, Translator and Editor
Mr. Danny Monsour, Editor