January 2006 Registration and Course Websites Now Available

Registration for the January session is open until January 20, 2006.  CCNet course websites are now available through the University of Toronto computing services.  Members of the Regis faculty continue to take advantage of CCNet to enhance their classroom teaching. Some faculty post simple descriptions of their courses for prospective students or make their syllabus and reading lists accessible online. Others integrate the website into their teaching process to provide handouts, bibliographical references and discussion board opportunities to their students throughout the semester. Students will find instructions for accessing Regis College course websites at Help for First Time Users.

For a complete listing of all Regis College courses offered in January 2006, please consult the Spring Time Table.

Jack Costello

John Dadosky

David Demson

Bob Doran

Cathleen Flynn

Michael Kolarcik

Margaret Lavin

Mary Jo Leddy

Scott Lewis

Ovey Mohammed

Gilles Mongeau

Joseph Plevnick

John Pungente

Gordon Rixon

Joseph Schner

Jaroslav Skira

Michael Stoeber

Monty Williams