Writing Clinic Seminar - Towards a Spiritual Community of Writers

Wed, 2006-02-15 19:00 - 20:00

As part of our commitment to aid in the development of a spiritual community of writers at Regis College, we wish to share and respond to some ideas and suggestions we received from those who participated in the group seminar on November 30, 2005. We hope that this feedback to our community inspires discussion and cooperation among community members – students, faculty and staff.

We welcomed heartily your enthusiastic response to our invitation to become a Regis College “Spiritual Community of Writers.” Most of your feedback elaborated on our proposal and helped us sharpen our direction. You desired to form small theme-focused groups where you could:

  • Make the leap and cross disciplines, to engage in  the particular challenges of theological writing as a  discipline;
  • Think outside the box and develop ideas around a topic of  interest;
  • Discuss composition of papers as a process  of empowerment and discovery;
  • Support each other’s work through offering constructive feedback and  suggestions.

Our initial response to your ideas and suggestions…

As part of our response to your suggestions, the Writing Clinic will be offering theme-focused sessions, where a group of three to five students will meet with a writing tutor to discuss in a community setting the challenges and joys of theological writing.

Among our proposed topics of interest:

Reading a text: how to know what is important – Wednesday, February 15, 3.00pm
How to figure out CCNet (and other web enigmas) – Monday, January 23, 1.15 (This session has already been held.)

Look for future sessions on:

Theological writing: it’s all about finding our own  voice
Polishing  my work: how do I edit and proofread a  paper?
How do I  write a history/reflection/research paper?
Theological Theme – (To be chosen according to specific  needs/requests)

Watch for postings of the dates and times of small group sessions.
Please book your sessions with Barbara Geiger at the Regis College Library.